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“IF YOU CAN IMAGINE IT, I CAN MAKE IT!” Continue reading

Welcome to Knysna Woodworkers!

“If you can imagine it, I can make it!”

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Rudolf Rosochacki


Rudolf creates individual, unique pieces of timber furniture, which harmonize form and function. Continue reading

Dennis Oliver


Denis says this unique work and ministry is essential to witness to our Lord and Saviour and to serve Him in spreading His Word through the distribution of the Holding Cross. Continue reading

Robbie Ponting


All the above has contributed towards my love of woodworking. I am most interested in carving, the African simplistic style. Continue reading

Keith Barnes


My life from an early age has always been dominated by the sea, surfing, fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving, boating, and then from my late teens sailing (racing and cruising). Continue reading

Bunny Mentz / Valley Forge


The Valley Forge opened its doors for business in 1990 in Harare, Zimbabwe. Initially one welder was employed, followed shortly by a carpenter and a painter. The rest as they say is history! Continue reading

Patrick Brink


I started creating furniture from 50 year-old brandy barrels. I have been making and refining this rocking chair since 1994. I also make side tables, bar stools, bar tables, fruit bowls, wine racks, rocking horses, garden walls, and more. Continue reading

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