Tables for Featherbed

The Featherbed Nature Reserve, including the existing restaurants, had been burnt to the ground during the devastating Knysna fires in 2017, and it was decided not only to rebuild, but to revamp and upgrade completely to forge the way as a world class venue. This is the result of that revamp.

The brief from the client was that they wanted 60+ rustic tables for their new restaurants at Featherbed. These 3 restaurants would require 4-14 seater tables to seat up to 600 people at one sitting. This commission was soon extended further to include benches, cabinets and other decorative features.

Johan Nel: “I worked from the supplied raw indigenous logs of Yellowwood, Stinkwood, Hard Pear, Ironwood and White Pear. From the logs, I still had to cut each slab, and from there make up each design. Each table was to be totally unique. The client supplied pictures of different tables to give me an idea of the style and design of what they wanted to achieve for their restaurant.  I was responsible for each design taking all this into consideration as well as to include resin casting (with a variety of stones), flower boxes, steel and glass tops. I even created one table using silver inlay. The design of table legs I mixed as well, incorporating both metal and wooden legs. The design of each table was also very dependent on the timber from the cut logs, and often different stabilising methods were used due to the condition of the wood.”


These beautiful tables were featured in Timber iQ magazine, June-July 2019, issue 44, pages 18-23 (print version) or pages 20-25 (online version). Please click here to read the issue online.

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