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Beautiful wood slabs for sale, including yellowwood, blackwood, hard pear, wild olive and more — buy them either finished or unfinished, stand-alone or fashioned into some beautiful natural edge furniture.

These are available in two basic types: rectangular or disc-shaped.

Rectangular Live Edge Wood Slabs

Beautiful live edge slabs available for purchase in the following wood species:

yellowwood grainYellowwood (Podocarpus falcatus)

Yellowwood from 3 meters long, 700 mm wide, 75 mm thick.

blackwood grainBlackwood (Acacia melanoxylon)

Blackwood from 2.4 meters long, 600 mm wide, 60 mm thick.

bubinga grainBubinga (Guibourtia demeusei)

Bubinga from 3 meters long, 500 mm wide, 30 mm thick.

cedar grainCedar (Widdringtonia schwarzii)

Cedar from up to 3 meters long, 150-450 mm wide, 25/40/50/65 mm thick.

Click here for more details on our Cedar wood timber.

hard pear grainHard Pear (Olinia ventosa)

Hard Pear from 2.4 meters long, 700 mm wide, 60 mm thick.

zebrano grainZebrano (Microberlinia brazzaillensis)

Zebrano from 3 meters long, 1 meter wide, 65 mm thick.

Some typical looking rectangle shaped slabs:

Disc-shaped Live Edge Wood Slabs

Disc-shaped slabs available for purchase in the following wood species:

yellowwood grainYellowwood (Podocarpus falcatus)

Discs from 950 mm long, 750 mm wide, 80 mm thick.

wild olive grainWild Olive (Olea europeae subsp. africana)

Discs from 920 mm long, 650 mm wide, 160 mm thick.

Some typical looking disc shaped slabs:

Natural Live Edge Furniture

These live edge slabs can be bought as-is (finished or unfinished). Alternatively I can fashion them into completed natural live edge furniture, according to your specifications.

Some beautiful natural edge furniture we’ve created from wooden slabs.


Please contact me for prices, further details and to confirm availability.

(If you are looking for a different wood species than what is listed, still contact me and let me know what you are looking for – I am able to source most of the available indigenous wood in the area.)

These goods can generally be supplied anywhere.

Johan Nel

Tel: 073 394 0057

Email: info@knysnawoodworkers.co.za

Physical Address:
32 Waenhout Ave, Knysna Industrial,
Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa

NOTE: I share premises with NST Construction. There are entrances from both Waenhout Ave and from at the end of Hadeda Str. The easiest access to my workshop itself is from Hadeda Str. right at the end.


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