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Looking for a custom made wooden door? Johan Nel of Knysna Woodworkers can make one just for you.


  • Truly bespoke, with doors carefully handmade according to your individual needs: custom built and tailored according to any size, type and design you could want – internal and external doors, standard, round and arched doors, from rustic to clean modern designs, anything in between, to something completely unique, even something straight out of a movie!
  • Manufactured to the highest standards from the finest quality solid wood of your choosing. (Note that if you aren’t sure which wood to pick, Johan can advise based on your colour and texture preferences. And under what environmental conditions the door will be placed.)
  • The workshop is based in Knysna, South Africa, but doors can generally be supplied anywhere.


Selected items just to give you a good idea of the quality and range of work. Please click on a thumbnail image below for the zoomed up view.


These “Hobbit” replica round doors Johan is most well known for.

* Notably, the Afromosia Hobbit door was featured in Timber iQ magazine, April-May 2016 issue 25.


Johan makes other doors too, all shapes and sizes, straight and arched, for inside and outside use and in various styles. In fact, any size and any design is possible – if you can imagine it, Johan can make it for you.

All doors are built to be both beautiful and durable.


Craftsman Johan Nel

My name is Johan Nel. I’m the founder of Knysna Woodworkers and the primary craftsman, I have over 35 years of experience manufacturing all kinds of custom made furniture, doors, and other wood craft.

I love working with the various woods, whether an indigenous wood or exotic, and the passion I have for woodworking is reflected in everything I make.

(Notably, Johan has been featured numerous times in Timber iQ magazine, a top magazine in the field, showcasing “all about wood”.)

My contact details are below.


Please feel free to contact me and we can discuss any door that you need custom made.

If you aren’t sure yet of what you want specifically, I can assist by making suggestions and showing you many more ideas based on your individual needs and help you arrive at the best solution.

  • Truly bespoke: All doors are carefully and individually handmade to meet your needs.
  • No project is too big or too small and I try to cater to most budgets.
  • These goods can generally be supplied anywhere.

Johan Nel

Tel: +27 73 394 0057

Time Standard: UTC+02:00


Physical Address:
32 Waenhout Ave, Knysna Industrial,
Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa

NOTE: I share premises with NST Construction. There are entrances from both Waenhout Ave and from at the end of Hadeda Str. The easiest access to my workshop itself is from Hadeda Str. right at the end.