The Knysna Forests

Please read through our articles on the Knysna forests and enjoy!

  • Southern Cape Forest Trees

    Descriptions of many of the trees found in our indigenous forest region, as well as the individual characteristics of each.

  • the Knysna Woodcutters

    The indigenous forest in the Southern Cape,was the main source of income for generations of woodcutters, Knysna being the principal town as far as the timber industry was concerned. Until well into the 20th century the entire economic life and structure of Knysna revolved around the timber trade.

  • Conservation of the Knysna forests

    This article covers the Knysna-Amatole Montaine Forest ecoregion, its biodiversity, status and threats, as well as the harvesting of our trees.

  • Protected Trees

    Although all indigenous trees are protected to some extent, the following 4 species have been given the highest level of protection.

  • The Wonders of Wood

    Here is discussed the composition of wood, its character and characteristics.

  • the Knysna “Coffee Pot”

    The details of this unique and quaint little railway, which was beloved by all those that lived in Knysna, operated between Knysna and Diepwalle from 1904 to finally close down on 30 April 1949.