Yellowwood Slabs & Slices

The Last of the Giants

Knysna Woodworkers supplied these unique Outeniqua Yellowwood slabs to a Nature Conservation site near Nelspruit. Also known as Kalander (Podocarpus falcatus) – it is a protected tree. This particular tree was cut down in the Diepwalle Forest (just outside Knysna) by SANParks. It was FSC approved as the tree was in the process of dying; it was losing branches and hollowing out at the base.

I also finished the slabs to show the beautiful grain and texture that Yellowwood is renowned for.

It was between 700 and 900 years old, and had reached a height of 40m and a diameter of 2.2m. It is probably the last time any Yellowwood Tree of this size will be made available. Measurement: 2200 x 1800 x 200mm thick.

A “small” branch of the same tree was also slabbed and made into a unique yellowwood coffee table as a memento of this historic tree. Measurement: 1.2 x 800 x 160mm thick.

NOTE: If you are interested in a wood slab similar to this (although finding a yellowwood slice as large as the above is fairly difficult now), please contact me here. I have wood slabs and slices of various woods that can be made into beautiful rustic furniture or as beautiful decorations in their own right. Feel free to contact me, let know what you’re looking for and I can find something to suit you.