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Cedar Wood Timber for Sale

Beautiful cedar wood slabs and cedar timber from the Baviaanskloof for sale (Widdringtonia schwarzii) — to buy either finished or unfinished, stand-alone or fashioned into some beautiful furniture for you.

These are available for purchase in the following sizes:

  • Wooden slabs from up to 3 meters long, 150-450 mm wide, 25/40/50/65 mm thick.
  • Alternatively timber can be cut to your specifications.

Please contact me for prices, further details and to confirm availability.

The background story of our Cedar wood

cedar wood timber grainBaviaanskloof Cedar (Widdringtonia schwarzii) is regarded as one the best of all South African indigenous tree species, due to its beautiful pale yellow to whitish colour, aromatic properties, durability and resistance to decay and borer beetle. 

It was extensively used for building and for almost all the woodwork needed by the early settlers in the area, to build houses, fences, telegraph posts, and for furniture and shipbuilding.

In February 2018, in a flash flood following heavy rain, many fire damaged and uprooted Cedar trees were washed down the Boskop river causing huge obstruction of the waterway. Removal of the debris and wood could have caused environmental damage to the watercourse and adjacent areas, so permission was sought from the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to utilise the timber. The permit to utilise this wood was issued on 12 July 2018. We are extremely fortunate to have access to this beautiful wood.


Please contact me for prices and more details, goods can generally be supplied anywhere.

Johan Nel

Tel: 073 394 0057

Email: info@knysnawoodworkers.co.za

Physical Address:
32 Waenhout Ave, Knysna Industrial,
Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa

NOTE: I share premises with NST Construction. There are entrances from both Waenhout Ave and from at the end of Hadeda Str. The easiest access to my workshop itself is from Hadeda Str. right at the end.


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