Rustic Furniture

November 30, 2017

What is Rustic furniture? Rustic furniture is essentially the concept of a design of furniture with a more natural and often rugged look that exists in harmony with the natural environment.

Some examples of beautiful rustic furniture straight from my workshop.

Rustic furniture brings to mind images of a relaxed and comforting interior and warms any home with its rugged, handcrafted style. It also implies a connection to nature and a respect of natural materials, with the feel of the outdoors and of simpler times.

The rustic furniture movement developed during the mid to late-1800s in the United States and goods were originally made from whatever natural materials people could get their hands on at the time.

The style is associated with the Great Depression and other hard times in America but also associated with the Great Camps built by wealthy Americans in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. The Great Camps were summer homes intended for the purposes of relaxing, parties and enjoying nature.

Today, in our modern technology-driven world, there is an increasing need to live closer to nature and nature itself does not adhere to rigid or straight lines but is rather free flowing.

This might explain at least in part why there has been such a resurgence in the popularity with what is now defined as rustic furniture, as more and more people are turning to more natural and free-form designs of furniture, that are made by hand or appear as if they were handcrafted.

More examples of this style of furniture as produced in my workshop – all carefully handcrafted. Notice the natural free-form edges and the emphasis on the beauty of the wood itself.

No matter what your personal design preferences are in general, it is our opinion that just about any home could benefit from the natural warmth that rustic furniture brings.


If you would like to own some rustic furniture, Johan Nel can make it for you. Johan has over 35 years of experience manufacturing all kinds of furniture. Please visit the links below for more information.