The Spearhead

The cold moulded Goodrickes were designed and built by the Spears. These dinghy’s were fast and exciting and became popular with a lot of younger sailors. The mould was available and more of the same boats were built. These became known as the “Spearhead-Goodrickes”’ and a Red Triangle above the R on their sails was displayed.

In 1961, it was proposed that a one design class be formed and it was only in September 1963 that the Spearhead became a class and the R was removed from the sail.  The red triangle also had a “v” cut out at the bottom to look like a spear head.

Further development within the class rules took place by the Spears in the high winds of the Cape – including Doug  Harrowsmith in the Light Airs on the Reef and Basil Bevan in the rugged conditions of Durban Bay – and it became one of the fastest and most exciting  and seaworthy for the 16ft Dinghys. Johnny Spears sailed Presto III in Italy in the one–of-a-kind regatta and that showed what the Spearhead could do.

The growth of the International classes like the 505 and Fireball caused the Spearhead numbers to stop growing although a lot of enthusiasts carried on sailing just for the zing of it! One of the annual highlights was the “Spearhead Worlds” sailed at Florida Yacht Club with up to 40 boats taking part! One of the last Spearhead nationals was sailed in Knysna in 1988. There are a couple of Spearheads still sailing in Knysna.

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The Spearhead – a tribute to Bill and Bryan Siebrits and Vixen no.130