The ‘Golden Gain’

‘Golden Gain’ was commissioned by the Commodore of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club to be built by the Wing on Shing Shipyard, Hong Kong, a highly respected yard responsible for the construction of a number of Lloyds registered yachts.  Carvel planked in Burma teak on yaccal frames to Lloyds’ scantlings, she was launched in 1959.

Designed by Jack Laurent Giles (see “An Evolution of Yacht Design: Laurent Giles”) as a motor sailer with a dipping-lugsail ketch rig, it was later modified to a cutter.   A substantial bowsprit was added to improve her sailing performance still further.

In the late 60’s ‘Golden Gain’ went to Praslin, in the Seychelles, where she was used to visit Mahe and other islands in the group, and for fishing trips.   It was here in the 70’s that her rig was altered and her doghouse roof lowered to reduce windage. Her wheel steering was removed and replaced by a tiller.

Some time in the 80’s she was sailed to South Africa and bought by Harry Hopper, a Knysna resident,  who did a lot of work to get her ready and to take his family on a nine month cruise to Madagascar. Roy Lloyd purchased her in 1991 with the aim of completely restoring her and, ultimately, circumnavigating.  Don Tait, the current owner, bought her from Roy in 2011 and he has repainted the hull and varnished the brightwork.