About Knysna Woodworkers


Johan Nel founded Knysna Woodworkers in 2012, incorporating his previous woodworking business into Knysna Woodworkers, as it is known today.

Johan Nel’s interest in woodworking began on his tenth birthday when his grandmother gave him a toolbox and some basic hand tools.  In his words, after that, “there was no turning back.”

All in all, he has now racked up over 35 years of woodworking experience.

Johan has an acute ability to conceptualize the needs of his clients and excels when working on unique and interesting projects.

His work encompasses making custom wooden furniture to doors, staircases, luxury handmade wooden boxes, and other woodcraft, including some highly original woodcraft, such as elaborate wooden trophies, his famous Hobbit door replicas, and more.

Also practiced in marquetry, inlays and intarsia, as well as steam and wood bending, he can create a most unique piece with one or all of these art forms.

Essentially, Johan is able to build and craft just about anything out of wood!

If you can imagine it, I can make it.  I observe a piece of wood or log until it reveals its nature, and I can then see exactly what to do.”

In addition, he is able to combine different materials to compliment the different woods – from metals and glass to enamels and ceramics – creating stylish furniture, doors and heirloom pieces.

Johan is also a certified log home builder and a member of the South African Log Home Builders Association.

Johan has been featured a number of times in Timber iQ magazine, a top ranking magazine in the field, showcasing “all about wood.”

“I am passionate about what I do, and derive great pleasure from every piece I make, as well as from the wood itself and hopefully this is self-evident in everything I make.”

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